ImageWe know we have quite a few folks who are planning to get a Mac mini hosted with us soon. For them (and any others) we’re having a Macminicolo Black Friday Sale. Anyone who signs up today will have their December charges waived. Just mention Black Friday in the comments section when you sign up.

(This can also apply to any machines added by current customers.)

We hope your holidays get off to a good start.

ImageI have yet to find a really good application to monitor all traffic coming to/leaving from a Mac, sales but this one is close.

With Net Monitor Sidekick you just start the application, choose your network interface, and watch the traffic flow. The program offers a few preferences, but pretty much does as expected out of the box.

Right now, the program is in beta and can be downloaded free. Though there is a warning that the beta will expire on Mar 31, 2009.

You can down the application here.

ImageWe get messages all the time asking about Mac minis and their future. Well, the short term future is much like the present since Apple has confirmed no new products thru the holidays.. But have no fear, we are still certain of the future of the Mac mini.

But there is some good news in the mean time. Apple has lowered the costs for upgrades on the Mac mini. For instance, when the Mac mini was first released, it cost $150 to upgrade to 2GB of RAM. It was later lowered to $100 and just recently changed to $75. This is great news for those who run mac mini servers and we’ve updated our prices to be in line with Apple.

In addition, we’ve updated our inventory list of used Mac minis.