ImageWe often get asked how to host multiple websites on one Mac. This is done using virtual hosting.

Until this point, this included opening hidden files and entering the vhosts by hand. This isn’t hard, but can be intimidating for a new developer and Mac user.

I was happy to find VirtualHostX. This application helps to add a new virtual host with just a few clicks. (They also offer a pretty nice tutorial on setting up vhosts while using MAMP.

The application runs $9 and can be downloaded here.

ImageIf you’re a consultant with an ever growing list of clients, you’ll see the benefit of this software.

Web Help Desk is a web help desk software packaging that will allow you to track support tickets from clients. It’s server software installs fine on a Mac and has a lot of great options. (Email to ticket conversion, Knowledge Base, etc.)

The best part about it is if you are doing your consulting solo, you can run a single license copy of Web Help Desk free of charge. It’s when you have more than one tech support engineer that the licenses start costing money.

If you’d like a copy of the software (and instructions on installing) you can get it here.

Recently, we’ve had a few customers write in to mention that they are having a problem with their Screen Sharing in Leopard after the 10.5.5 update. Specifically, the first time trying to connect via the Screen Sharing application will return a small, match box sized window with only black. (pictured below.)


Luckily, it turns out there is a quick fix. In all cases, we found that restarting the local Mac (the one running the client, not the remote Mac running as the server) will fix the problem.

I hope this saves others from the headaches of troubleshooting. Sometimes it’s the most simple answer of all.

ImageI know that quite a few of our customers use their their Mac minis as file servers that they share with their clients. This application will be an answered prayer for many.

With FTP Maker, you just start up the application and enter your information. (e.g., server address, directory, password, etc.) You can also add a logo for your company. Once complete, you just push “Create FTP Upload Application.” FTP Maker will then create an application that you can pass to your customers so they can easily upload to your server. Once they have it, they just drag and drop files on the application and everything else happens automatically.

What a great idea for an application. You can download a trial at the developer’s site. If you decide to purchase it, the license will cost $30.

ImageIf you have a moment, I’d love for any readers to take a quick poll on iPhone/iPod Touch security practices. The only pre-requisite is that you own one or the other. It’s just 7 short questions.

To perform the poll, I took advantage of the great Google Docs. You won’t need to sign in or leave any personal data.

The poll can be found here

Thanks for your time.
Update: We had a good number of responses come thru and have no shutdown the poll. Thanks for taking the time.