ImageIf a server is setup correctly, clinic you can hopefully walk away and it will run fine without interaction for a long time. Digital Sentry will help you get a little closer to that goal.

“Digital Sentry monitors your system for specific events, and then can perform a vast array of unique actions in response. Watch for such system events as waking from sleep, program launches, closes, or switches, file modifications, incorrect password attempts, mouse and keyboard input, and many more. Then, perform any number of tasks like sending an e-mail, shutting down the computer, starting a simulated self-destruct, pinging a web URL, taking a web cam shot, taking a screenshot, playing a multimedia file, speaking some text, executing a shell script… the list goes on!”

The interface is nice and easy to setup. The cost is $19.95 and comes with a free trial. Download it here.

ImageThe shareware and freeware scene of Mac OS X is second to none. There are so many great apps out there to try.

Each time I download an app, I’m impressed when the developer takes the time to make the disk image display nicely. Improvements come with a nice background, a shortcut to the Applications Folder, and a nice view of the icon. SimplyDisk makes it real simple to do all these things and more.

SimplyDisk is €12.95 and can be downloaded from the developer’s site.