ImageAs I frequent different Mac forums, there are often threads asking where to get used Mac minis. Craigslist and eBay are the obvious suggestions. Also, Apple will sometimes list refurbished Mac minis on their site, though they don’t last long.

The amazing thing is that Mac minis (like most other Macs) keep an incredibly good resale value. Even the original G4 minis that sell on ebay are often just $100 less than when they were new. It’s amazing.

Since we have a lot of Mac minis coming in and out, we’ll often have extra ones that are available for purchase. We decided to keep a page of Mac minis that we have available. And as a bonus, we have a $75 discount for anyone looking to purchase one of these minis for use here in our data center.

So, take a look at the used Mac minis. We’ll keep it current as inventories change.

Update: I know we just posted this post and the minis a couple days ago, but they’ve already all been bought. It’s amazing the interest in used Mac minis. We’ll update the page as more come in.