ImageWe’re expecting a really good week for Mac mini users at Macworld next week. In honor of the annual Mac mecca, we are offering a Macworld Promo Package. Basically, this is our best package discounted at 15% and also with no setup charges. The offer is good thru the end of next week. (Jan 10, 2009)

With the mac mini becoming more and more a way for people to have their own server, we’re getting more people who would like the performance of a colocated machine, but may not know all they need to know. We’ll often have people sign up for a new account and ask for our recommendation on consultants who may be able to help with their setup and maintenance. This could include simple file serving, managing things like Daylite or Filemaker.

I’d love to have a nice database of consultants who could do these things. I know a lot of our customers and other smart folks read this blog, so I thought I’d put out a call here. If you work in consulting or have knowledge in an area that might be useful to server customers, please send me a note and I’ll add you to my list. We’d love to refer some work out.

We got this email from a new customer recently. Made us feel good about what we do here:


Thanks for getting our machine up so quickly.

We were sure glad to find your service. Our company was really trying to shave costs to stay afloat. When we found your company, we knew you guys could help.

Moving our two Xserves to Mac minis has saved us a bundle. We were able to sell our old G5 Xserves, buy two brand new Intel minis, and still have cash left over. These new minis actually perform better thanks to the Intel inside. Also, we’ve cut our colocation costs from $385 for two XServes to $110 for two minis. This is a monthly savings for us that will really come in handy.

In short, we really appreciate what you guys offer. Thanks for “saving the farm.”

That was a nice note to see. We are glad we could help.

We hope all of our FAM readers have a great 2009.