ImageApple has released the new Mac mini this morning. We should have one here by the end of the day, but in the mean time I’ll share the benefits that I can see.

First, the Mac mini can officially support 4GB of RAM now. Before, it was 2GB officially and 3.36GB unofficially. We’ll have a lot of customer who will really like the RAM increase. And I’m really looking forward to the unofficial high end.

The hard drives are bigger now which will be nice for those who do their podcasts from their server.

The back of the Mac mini now has 5 USB ports (up from four) and now has Firewire 800 (up from 400.) This is great as well. (see below)

Like I said, we’ll have one of the new Mac minis soon and I’ll post a real thorough review with benchmarks. Also, I know we have quite a few customers who were waiting for the new Mac mini before they signed up for the service. We’ve added the new machines to our signup page.