ImageGolden%Braebrun is the licensing backend for Delicious Library. It allows for customers to pay for Mac software seamlessly.

Wil Shipley, the creator of Delicious Library, is now making this framework available for other software developers. The back end is run on a Mac server and the front end is built right into your application.

Golden%Braeburn is in it’s last stages of testing, but you can sign up now to use the app when it’s ready. For a modest percentage of charges, you get stability, ease and security on your Mac software licensing.

ImageA lot of our customers at Macminicolo have a machine to run the shopping carts for their business. They like the idea of controlling the whole box that will deal with transactions and financial data.

Zen Cart “is an open source online store management system. It is PHP-based, ampoule using a MySQL database and HTML components.” The install process is not too difficult, order and there is a great community to help with any issues.

You can see the long list of features and download the program from the Official Zen Cart site.