ImageWe’ve had a pretty big wave of developers lately using the Macminicolo service. I think this programming language will only get more and more popular. Especially now that it’s included with Mac OS X Leopard

If you’ve wanted to learn more about Developing Rails on your Mac then you’re in luck. Apple has just posted an in depth tutorial on Developing Rails Applications On Mac OS X Leopard. This is the first in a three part seried. Part number two promises “customizing views, working with web forms, adding AJAX support, and supporting an iPhone interface.”

ImageIf you are part of the GTD (Getting Things Done) craze, therapy here is an application you might like. Tracks “is a web-based application to help you implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done™ methodology. It was built using Ruby on Rails, therapy and comes with a built-in webserver (WEBrick), so that you can run it on your own computer if you like.”

There is a little config involved, but it is free and the official site offers screenshots of the app and a manual that walks you thru the install.