ImageQuite a few of our customers use their Mac minis as central storage for a team of people in different locations. We hear from a lot of business owners who have been trying to run the server from their office, but just need more speed, reliability and security. They recognize that we can provide all three, but often they are concerned about having the machine out of the office where they can’t keep a close eye on the different versions of data. They want to make sure everyone is up to date.

This is where Changes will come in handy. Changes will keep multiple machines in sync with the latest versions of documents and projects. If you prefer something more manual, it also provides a quick way to text comparison using popular text editors.

This is also a great way to backup and update your website.

Changes is available for $39.95 and can be downloaded from the official site. (demo available)

ImageI know we have quite a few customers who use their Mac minis as subversion servers. The number has increased since Leopard now ships with Subversion 1.4.4 and Apache2 pre-installed. (Of course, you’d need to configure the server. But there are good instructions here and here.)

Versions is a client for a subversion server. It was recently released as a free beta and offers a nice new way of interacting with the Subversion server.

So, if you’re looking for a nice way to keep versions of your work. Or, if you work with a group and want to make sure everyone is working on the most up to date work, then you can download Versions here.