ImageDaylite is a very capable project management application. It helps you manage your projects, calendars, contacts, billing, mail, etc.

A couple years ago, a friend of mine asked me to design the network/software for his law firm. I decided to go with the Daylite database running on a Mac mini with all the iMacs in the office running the client to connect to it. Three years later, the employees and the clients have grown bigger and bigger but Daylite continues to meet the needs. The employees are able to collaborate on different clients and also able to sync data to their iPhones and PDA’s for access on the road.

Daylite is $149 for a single user. It can be downloaded and purchased from The MarketCircle website.

We’ve had a lot of customers use Mac minis in our data center to host their Daylite databases. Read our Top Ten Reason For Hosting Daylite With