ImageRecently, Apple has offered trial version of Leopard Server. I think this is a great move since so many people come away impressed when they see how simple and affordable Leopard Server is to users.

Apple asks that you fill out a form located here and then they’ll send you the evaluation software via FedEx ground.

On a similar note, there is something new with the most recent Mac minis when it comes to installing Leopard Server. It seems that the machines can no longer boot from a Leopard Server DVD. Instead, when you place the Leopard Server DVD in the machine, it allows you to install the Server components without a restart. Then, when you run Software Update, it will download the latest Leopard Server combo update, install it on the Mac mini, and then have you restart.

Once restarted, it walks thru the usual configuration pages of what kind of install (Standard, Workgroup, or Advanced) and the other settings like users, services, etc.

Now that the Mac minis can run with 4GB of RAM, I know we’ll see quite a few more people looking at Leopard Server. I think it’s one of the greatest deals in the tech world.

Update: The package arrived from Apple today, just short of two weeks after I requested a copy. They have sent a short letter talking about the benefits of Leopard Server and a serial number that will expire in about three month. They’ve also send both retail DVD’s of the Leopard Install and the Admin Tools.