ImageThe other day, we saw a pretty good spike of traffic going thru one of our switches. We’re always happy to see this because it usually means that someone is doing something worth talking about with their minis.

It turns out, the traffic was heading to the box hosted by Venice Arts. I talked with the admin of the box and he told me about the great project they’re doing. It’s moving photo gallery called “The House Is Small But The Welcome Is Big.”

The day the traffic came rolling in, it was due to being highlighted on The article was titled AIDS victims show their stories — in pictures and here is a short excerpt talking about the photos:

The photo gallery, online and traveling in the United States and overseas, is unlike others about AIDS and Africa: The images are both joyous and wrenching, and they were shot by women and children who are caught in the pandemic that has killed and orphaned so many.

Photographers from the outside often capture only unrelieved tragedy; those inside can tell a fuller story, say the Los Angeles-based founders of “The House Is Small But the Welcome Is Big,” created to focus attention on the AIDS crisis and promote action.

The pictures were taken by 18 AIDS-orphaned children from Maputo, Mozambique, and 15 HIV-positive women in Cape Town, South Africa. An exhibit opens this week at a Denver art gallery, Gallery M, and will be seen in New York, Los Angeles and internationally.

This article brought 11k unique visitors in just under three hours. Surely each of them were loading page after page of these photos and the Mac mini held up great. From what I’m told, there is a whole lot more ahead with this great project including a photography research institute at USC and a pulitzer nominee as the creative director.

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