ImageRumpus is an incredibly useful FTP server that can run on Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server. Of course, Mac OS X already comes with a quick way to turn on the FTP service, but Rumpus offers so many more options and is incredibly easy to set up.

Some of the options include.

  • The ability to setup users solely for FTP. (Meaning, they don’t have to be a user on your Mac machine.)
  • A great web interface for uploading files. You can choose which port to serve it up on and it is fully customizable so you can make it look like your existing website. This means a user can upload a file via the web browser.
  • Easy to set permissions and home folders for users.
  • Event notices so you can send a notification when a certain user moves a file or when a file is accessed. All kinds of options.
  • Use secure connections. (HTTPS and FTPS)
  • Stats and activity tab to see how much has been transferred and current activity.

There really is so much more to this app. The feature list is large and the price is pretty large too. A license is $269. The app and licenses can be found at the Rumpus site.