ImageOf all the backup applications there are, I like SuperDuper the most. The reason is because in years of using it, I’ve never had a bad backup.

When it comes to Mac servers, there is usually quite a bit of configuration that goes into getting it just right. SuperDuper will backup the entire drive so it’s an exact clone.

Part of the reason we offer a “Hot Standby Club” to our customers is because SuperDuper make it real easy to get back and going in a machine failure. We’ll usually take their drive, plug it into our available standby machine and boot right from it. This means they’re up and going in no time while their server has their hardware is repaired.

SuperDuper is free to use for backups. But, to have it be real useful, you’ll want the Smart Backup. This allows you to only copy the things that have changed since the last backup. To get this option, you’ll need to register the application for $27.95. You can get the app and the license here.